Yesterday Betting Tips & Results

Welcome to our review of yesterday's football betting tips! As we reflect on the matches that unfolded, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of our predictions, the odds offered, the betting market, and the actual result of each bet. This retrospective approach helps us, and our readers, to understand the accuracy and reliability of our tips.

Yesterday Football Betting Tips Results

CompetitionMatchBetting TipTypeOddsMatchesPercentageResult
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasAtlético MineiroUnder 2.5 Goals Team1.1134 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasTotal GoalsUnder 3.5 Goals1.2034 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasAtlético MineiroOver 0.5 Goals Team1.4531 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasAtlético MineiroScore a Goal1.4531 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasPalmeirasScore a Goal1.4530 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasPalmeirasDraw No Bet Win/Draw2.2030 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasPalmeirasOver 0.5 Goals Team1.5030 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasPalmeirasDouble Chance FT1.5730 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasPalmeirasUnder 2.5 Goals Team1.1029 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasAtlético MineiroDraw No Bet Win/Draw2.1028 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasAtlético MineiroDouble Chance FT1.5728 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasTotal GoalsOver 1.5 Goals1.4528 / 38
Serie AAtlético Mineiro - PalmeirasTotal GoalsUnder 3.5 Goals1.2027 / 38

Yesterday's Betting Tips Statistics

The table below consolidates all data from the results above and based on the filters you are applying there. In this consolidate view you get the number of bets considered, how many were won, void or lost, what is the profit when placing 10 stake units on every bet and what the ROI would have been.


How Betting Tips for Yesterday Were Calculated

Our tips for yesterday's matches were derived from a meticulous process:

  • League Dynamics: We considered the unique characteristics of each league, such as average goals scored or the frequency of draws.
  • Team Form Analysis: The recent performances of teams were scrutinized to identify trends and patterns.
  • Head-to-Head Data: Historical matchups between the teams provided insights into potential outcomes.
  • Player Performance Metrics: The form and fitness of key players were factored into our predictions.
  • Venue Insights: Home and away records were evaluated, as venue dynamics can influence match outcomes.
  • Injury & Suspension Updates: The absence or return of pivotal players could sway a game's direction.

By amalgamating this wealth of information, we aimed to offer well-informed betting tips for yesterday's matches.

Our "Yesterday's Betting Tips Review" offers a transparent look into our prediction process and outcomes. While our methodology is rooted in thorough research and analysis, football remains an unpredictable sport, and not all predictions will be accurate. This review serves as a learning tool, helping us refine our approach and providing bettors with insights into our prediction accuracy. Always remember to bet responsibly and use past results as a guide, not a guarantee.